The technology of controlled three-dimensional ultrasonic microvibrations opens up a new age in osseous surgery. The ultrasonic microvibrations of the Piezosurgery® device have been developed specifically for cutting bone tissue while minimizing trauma to the soft tissue. This micrometric cutting action provides ultimate surgical precision and intra-operative sensitivity, while the selective cutting action maximizes safety for our patients. All of this is possible while operating with high intra-operative visibility and a blood-free surgical site.  Piezosurgery is useful in many different types of Oral and Facial Surgery such as accelerated orthodontics, Apicoectomies, Atraumatic Extractions, Bone Block/Chip Harvesting, Crestal Sinus Lift, Crown Lengthening, Cyst/Tumor Removal, Distraction Osteogenesis, Impacted Tooth Exposures  Implant Site Preparation, Implant Removal, Lateral Sinus Lift, Nerve Repositioning, Periodontal Surgery Ridge Expansion, exostosis and tori removal.  Drs. Levine and Ydrach use this specialized equipment to provide the most up to date surgical procedures with your care in mind.

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