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The staff at the Oral and Facial Surgery Center are happy to work hand-in-hand with you to maximize your insurance benefits for covered procedures. This starts with your initial call to our office where we will ask for your insurance information so that we can have a complete breakdown of your coverage prior to your consultation appointment.

When you present them to our office, we will make copies of both your dental and medical insurance cards to assist us with filing the claims. Some medical insurances are now covering oral surgery procedures and some dental insurances are now requiring a denial from medical before they will process the claim, this is why we ask that you provide us with both cards.

Following your consultation with one of our doctors, we will give you a breakdown of the costs of the proposed treatment and inform you of the estimated insurance coverage and let you know what your co-pay for surgery will be.

Claims are filed on the day of treatment and normally take four to six weeks for processing. Although we make every effort to provide you with your financial responsibility prior to treatment there are times when an insurance provider covers more or less than anticipated. In these situations, either a refund or a statement will be mailed to you with a breakdown of the account status.

If at any time you have questions please contact our staff.

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